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Precision Winding Machine

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Yarn rewinding precision bobbin winding machine can be used for winding different types of bobbins/cones, especially it can wind pineapple type cone, and this yarn rewinder machine is suitable for winding metallic yarn.


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This precision winder is used for yarn finish before or after dyeing.

The max diameter of the cone packages winded by pineapple type thread winder can be 180mm, and the weight can be 250g to 2000g.


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The metallic yarn thread rewinding machine is single spindle with single motor, and single frequency converter.. it has upper and lower thread guide.

The wind ratio of the cone yarn rewinding machine is about 300mm. And the spindle speed shall be controlled according to the wind ratio, about 1500r.p.m. to 2500r.p.m..

The rewinding precision bobbin winder will stop automatically at full bobbin according to set data and has self-locking anti-error operation.

The thread winder has bobbin rewinding and shelf thread in skeins rewinding according to the craft and making requirements. You can additionally install oiling device, ultra-micro device, tension auto-control sensor device and overall frame communication control device.


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