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High Speed Thread Winding Machine

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YF series high speed thread winding machine with 4 spindles per set is used for winding thread/yarn on to different bobbin/cone/tube at a high speed.


High Speed Thread Winding Machine


This yarn winding machine is suitable for winding of sewing thread, embroidery thread and nylon thread. The high speed thread cone winder is equipped with computer automatic control system, conversion speed-adjuster, groove-drum thread guide, electromagnetic tension controller, and circulation type pump oil feeder.


High Speed Thread Winding Machine


The winding speed is about 200m/min to 1000m/min. the speed is at least 5 times higher than traditional winding machine (YF-A, YF-B, YF-C). For different thread and bobbin quality, the machine speed is different, generally, we recommend the speed to be 600m/min.

What’s more, during the same time period, the power consumption of the high speed tube thread winding machine is the same as the traditional winding machine, so the high speed spool winding machine has advantages of energy-saving, high efficiency, high speed etc.

For different bobbin type, we supply different machine type, such as high speed sewing bobbin winding machine of textile machinery, filament thread cone sewing winding machine, king spool viscose winding machine, tube thread reeling machine with high speed, etc..

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