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cone to cone precision bobbin winder

  • Product Name:  cone to cone precision bobbin winder
  • Model NO.:  YF-D
  • Origin:  NINGBO CHINA
  • Brand Name:  YONGFU
  • Delivery Time:  it depends on the machine quantity
  • Minimum Order:  1 set
  • Supply Ability:  200 Sets / Month
  • Quality System Certification:  ISO9001, CE attestation
  • Product Details:  cone to cone precision bobbin winder

The machine applies multi-functional special-purpose frequency converter matching with mechanical fine cheese winding. It turns from the original mechanical transmission mode to single-spindle, single frequency converter, single motor drive mode so that it is easy in installation and debugging and has less wearing parts. The diversified functional allocations fulfill the technical requirements to make tight and loose winder from harmonious flexibility, hardness and density after the raw materials' turning into winder. We stably enhance the internal quality of the winders. It is an ideal equipment for the weaving, knitwear, thread-making, dyeing and filigree manufacture industries etc.

Function features:
We integrate all the electronic components control units etc. into one, so that it results in easy wire connection, reduced parts and convenient assembly and disassembly. One frequency converter spurs on two motors so that main motor and overfeed motor can independently set the functions. It reaches the technological requirements of inter coordination. The major setting functions are constant thread speed, variable thread so on. We solve the degradation winders and skeins for thread, and keep harmonious internal and external elasticity, flexibility and density.
The main technical parameters

Pattern Single speed single spindle, single motor frequency converter control
Model Upper and lower thread guide
Wind Ratio 1:2.2,1:3.2,1:4.2etc. Other wind
Spindle Distance 300mm
Spindle Speed Spindle speed shall be controlled according to wind ratio, about 2500r.p.m
Dialectial Independent motor controls dialectical transmission shaft.
Every spindle box has dialectical dethickness device
bobbin forms straight and conical 6",8",9" bobbins. Taper of conical bobbin: 3°30'
(Can customize special special specification)
Bobbin capacity Max diameter: 180mm, weight: 250g-2000g
Operation mode Automatic control can be implemented according to the setting requirements
Open/shut mode Slow start, slow brake, slow brake spindle
Full bobbin automatic stop It automatically stops at full bobbin according to set data and has self-locking anti-error operation
Auto-control mode Opto-electrical switch detection, time-delay period setting, wireless auto-stop and auto-shut of the function
Spindle category It has bobbin rewinding and shelf thread in skeins rewinding according to the craft and making requirements. You can additionally install oiling device, ultra-micro device, tension auto-control sensor device and overall frame communication control device
Motor 380V / 220V 120W/spindles, 072KW/machine, 2.88KW/machine
Mdachine Dimension 6spindles/machine,2.02m*0.90m*1.33m, 24spindles/machine,7.60m*0.90m*1.33m
Machine Weight 6spindles/machine,Weight:480kg,24spindles/machine,Weight:1680kg
cone to cone precision bobbin winder
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